Inditex renews global framework agreement with IndustriALL Global Union

The agreement, a “pioneering” one for fashion and for global labour relations, was renewed in Geneva on November 13, according to a report by the Spanish CC.OO. trade union.“The second renewal of the Global Framework Agreement confirms that two decades of work have produced results, and that nevertheless there is still much to be done,” said CC.OO., adding that the union worked “intensely” with Inditex in recent years to “secure dignified working conditions in a globalised world.”

On October 4 2007, after meeting with suppliers and visiting factories from the textile supply chain, IndustriALL Global Union signed a first GFA with Inditex.Seven years later, and after more than 150 visits to Inditex suppliers, the agreement was renewed.The newly signed document is an update of this agreement, with new scope for trade union intervention.The renewed GFA between Inditex and IndustriALL Global Union incorporates International Labor Organization provisions which emphasize fundamental workers’ rights, as well as the new article 190 on gender-based violence and harassment in the workplace.The new GFA also includes trade union rights that have been negotiated in recent years, relating to supply chain information and access for trade unions to all places of work.In addition, CC.OO. highlighted that, for the first time in a GFA, the creation of a joint union committee is now part of the agreement.This involves setting up two new representative bodies: the Global Trade Union Committee, which consists of nine persons representing Inditex’s major suppliers and two members of the Spanish trade unions affiliated to IndustriALL and signatories to the agreement, and the Coordinating Committee, integrated by four other people.

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